Hi everyone, today I have for you Kara’s from Detroit Become Human Wig Review, in her long hair version, that l-email has sponsored me in order to do a review(I have already done the Cosplay’s review).


L-email wig- Wig suplier


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23,64 $

Shipping time
2 weeks

I can’t believe that wig arrived in two weeks only. It arrived really fast(normally shipping time is about a month). I’m so happy.


Wig became perfectly packaged in a l-mail bag and into a plastic bag with net. And as a give it came with a wig cap.




And here you have the wig’s photos. As you can see it has a natural colour and the hairstyle is perfect.


It also has a fake hairline in order to look more real.

The wig net is elastic and adjustable.

Overall Rating 

Accurancy with the character : 5/5

 Cap Size 5/5

Finished : 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort : 5/5

Calidad del pelo: 5/5

Cantidad de pelo : 4,5/5

Hair Brightness : NO

Wig is really confortable and perfect for Kara. The color is so natural and the hairstyle is perfect.


You can use my code «Shiroychigo» at L-email store in order to have a 12% disccount.

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🍓Shiro Ychigo🍓


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