Hi, today I’m going to reciew Black Cat Dva’s costume from Rolecosplay and her wig from L-email. They have sent it to me in order to be reviewed. I’m so happy.

Prize: 61,79$
🐱🐱Black Cat Dva Wig(L-email/Wig Supplier)

🐱🐱Black Cat Dva’s Cosplay(Rolecosplay)🐱🐱

I received the cosplay (with the wig) a month after, because my size was sold out.

Embalaje / Packaging

The cosplay and the wig were perfect packaged in two different bags.
The dress and the tights were into a big bag, where there was a smaller bag with the accesories and the collar.

Partes / Parts

Vestido / Dress

It’s made out of high quality satin and it hasn’t got too much bright.

The back side is elastic in order to a better adjustment, but it has also a zipper in the flank to facilitate dressing it. The sleeves also have a rubber band to be adjusted perfectly.

The down part of the dress is made out of three layer skirts with a black cover skirt. The top layer is made out of purple satin and finished with black bias, the middle layer is made out of tulle and finished with a beautiful lace edging, and the last layer is made with lining fabric.


Cuello / Collar

The collar is made out of the same fabric as the dress. It has a velcro at the back side. It has the same lace edging of the dress’ bodice. It’s completely rigid and it is lined.

Medias / Tights

The tights are made out of impressed lycra, they’re are as a legging. They don’t let show through, which is confortable in the events. They adjusted perfectly my height( I’m 164 cm tall).

Guantes / Gloves

The gloves are made with elastic fabric. The pink flounces are made with the same fabric of the rainbows.

Accesorios / Accesories

The bracelets are elastic, so they can be adapted to the hands with no problem.

The belt is made out of the same pearls but it is not elastic, it has a metalic hook. The front side has a rainbow with a heart hooked. It has a pin in order not to move.

The earrings are made with gold leatherette, and they’re like the belt’s heart.

The cat ears are made out with leatherette and felt and they have a pin, so they’re easy to put on the wig.

There’s also two rainbows for the ponytails, made with satin, with the same colour as the other cosplay’s rainbows, and also with a pin.

And finally, the skirt’s rainbow has a pin, so you can put it wherever you want.

Peluca / Wig

The wig is from the brand «Ruler cosplay». It came perfectly packaged. It’s a short hair wig and perfectly cut in order to adjusted perfectly the head. It has a lot of hair. It also has a fake hairline, that make it looks more natural. The wig has elastic bands to be a adapted to your size circumference.

The ponytails are thin, like Dva’s ponytails.

The color is also perfect, dark blonde, really natural.

It’s really confortable.

Overall Rating

Accurancy with the character: 4,5/5

Size: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 4,5/5

Confort: 5/5

The cosplay is really accurate, the only difference with the original design is that fabric hasn’t got the cat’s pattern of the original design. Despite of this, cosplay is perfect, good fabrics and materials, good finished and really really confortable. I love it.

Fotos / Photos

Photos by Sarah Cuervo and Victor

Vídeos / Videos

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Review by

🍓Shiro Ychigo🍓

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