Booette Cosplay & wig review from Rolecosdress

Booette Cosplay & wig review from Rolecosdress

08/12/2018 0 Por Shiro Ychigo

Today I have a new review for you guys:  Boette Cosplay and wig from the store Rolecos. As a big fan of Super Mario(it was one of my childhood videogames and the first one), when people starts to créate fanarts about Boette and Bowsette I fell in love with it and want to cosplay them(well, I’m planning to cosplay Bowsette also), and I’m luckily and I have the oportunity of review Boette.


Store: Rolecosdress

 You can buy this in a pack that includes The costume, the wig and the crown(as a gift)



66.30 $

Shipping time

About 3 weeks. I live in Spain, so package from China normally arrives after 2 or 3 weeks.


Costume, wig and the crown have arrived perfectly packaged.

Costume Unboxing

It has a dress, a collar, and gloves. The dress is made out of a really strong satin, which doesn’t have too much bright, so I think it’s perfect for Boette.


The dress is perfectly sewn, and has a really good finished.

The bodice is lined.

It has a zipper in the back side.

The collar is made with the same fabric as the dress. You can fasten it with a tie, and has a fake ruby.

The gloves are made of spandex fabric.

Wig unboxing

Wig is from the Brand “Ruler cosplay”. This Brand has a really nice wigs. The wig has arrived perfectly packaged, protected from any damage with a cardboard band and a really thin net.

Wig is 80 cm long and its tone is a médium grey(it’s not silver White). Color is perfect for Boette.

The wig cap is elastic, and you can adjust the wig with a elastic band to your head circunference.

It has a bit of bright, but it’s normal.

The Crown

The Crown is a gift. It is 3D printed and it is really really cute. It has a pin in the back to be attached to the wig.

Overall Rating


Accurancy with the character: 5/5

 Size: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Prize: 5/5

Costume is really well sewn. I really love it, it reminds me Peach’s dress. The fabric is amazing and perfectly. And costume fits my body perfectly


Accurancy with the character: 5/5

 Cap: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Hair quality: 5/5

Amount of hair: 5/5

Hair Brightness: A bit

Wig has a good amount of hair and I love its grey tone for Boette. The length is also nice and you can style it easily.







Photos by Emisario, Anvi and Mizuki




Review by Shiro Ychigo