Hi guys, today I have a new review for you: Kaguya-sama from LOVE IS War costume & wig sponsored by Rolecosplay. I’m in LOVE with this anime, one of my favs of this season.

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Shipping time: about 2 weeks to arrived to Spain


It arrived in a L-email bag, and into it in two different bags.

Cosplay Unboxing

Costume has a lot of pieces: a dress, Two black bows(in case you want to use It for Chika), a red Big bow for Kaguya’s hair, two pairs of socks and a tie for the neck.

Costume is made of polyester. It’s an M size.

It has a zipper in one side ^^.

It has two pair of socks: black’s for Kaguya and white’s for Chika.

It also has the red single bow of Kaguya and the two black bows for Chika.

It also has a tie for the neck.

Wig Unboxing

Wig has arrived in a transparent bag, protected with a net in order not to become tangled.

The hairnet is elastic and wig can be adjusted.

It’s style for Kaguya. I didn’t have yo style It, It is really good.

Full costume overlook

Overall Rating

Costume(M size)

Accurancy with the character: 5/5

 Size: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5


Accurancy with the character: 5/5

 Cap: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Hair quality: 5/5

Amount of hair: 5/5

Hair Brightness: NO

Costume is really well-sewn and it’s exactly like Kaguya’s outfit. I love it a lot of. Wig is also so nice. And they are really confortable ^^. I’m going to wear this costume a lot of.

I really LOVE this character. I Hope to Cosplay her bikini version(I have already order one) and maybe I’m going to do a make-up tutorial.

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