Hi everyone, I have a new review for you (this time I couldn’t record a unboxing, sorry). Finally, after years, I’ve been able to cosplay Rei Ayanami Plugsuit version (I’m so happy, it was a dreamed cosplay for me). Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my favourite animes, I watched for the first time ten years ago.

I ordered it in Miccostumes, it costed 65$, and arrived at my home after 3 weeks. I’m sorry because I haven’t got photos because I was moving in to a new house at that time.


The costume is made out of elastic vinyl, scubba and lycra.

It has a zipper in the backside. The brazelets are indepents to the costume.

Some details are made with transfers.

Inside it has a lining made out with a really soft fabric (it makes the costume more confortable):

Here you can see the shoulder pads.

And here you can see more details.

Gloves are made both with vinyl and scubba (it makes it more confortable).

About the size, I ordered an M size. At the first time, It was difficult to wear because it was really tight, but after wearing it some times, It fits me better.

My mesaurements are 89 cm of bust, 67 cm of waist and 90 cm of hip. The costume is a bit bigger in the waist for me, but the other parts fits me nice.

The toes can be adapted to any shoes.

I had a photoshoot with a another cosplayer, Nitocris, that wore Asuka’s costume (also from Miccostumes). Photos where taken by Tony.emisario. Here you can see some photos of this amazing photoshoot.

I hope you like this. If you want to support our work, you can follow as in our socials.


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