Hi everyone, I have a new review for you: Saber Nero Maid dress from Uwowo Cosplay. This costume has been possible with the help of the people who support myself on patreon.

You can use 5% discount code «uushiroychigo» in Uwowocosplay for saving money.



Costume has arrived perfectly packaged.

Costume includes all this accessories: dress, hair accessories, apron, bow, tights and garter belt.

Dress is really beautiful and detailed.

It has tule inside to have more volume.

You don’t need to wear a bra with it.

It has a elastic band in the backside to a better adjustement.

And it has also a zipper in one of the sides.

In the neck it has a velcro.

Apron also has a velcro in the backside.

You can hide the apron’s velcro with the bow.

It includes also two hair’s accessories: one bow and a diadem.

Garter belt and tights are also included.

I have had a photoshoot inspired in the characters: maybe you don’t know but Nero was an important emperor of the Ancient Rome. Wine and grapes were really common in that period. Roses are also really popular there.

Photos were taken by Tony.emisario.

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