Hi everyone, this is my new collaboration with Cosplaysky: I have received Tracer outfit from Overwatch 2. I hope you like this. I’m so hyped with Overwatch 2 release in december.

I highly recommend to you check Cosplaysky’s costumes. It has a lot of quality.




Costume was arrived perfectly packaged in a plastic bag. It includes the jumsuit, jacket, gloves and bet.

It is a M size.

Gloves and jumspuit are made out of printed licra. The are really confortable.

Jumpsuit has a zipper in the backside.

Here you can see how it looks like. It is a bit transparent.

Belts are made out of leatherette.

They has velcro in the backside.

Jacket is really accurate. it is made out of leatherette.

It includes all the Tracer details. I’m in love.

As you can see, it is interlined, even the sleeves.

Here you can see how the costume looks like. It fits me really nice.

I crafted all the armor parts and accesories and style the wig.


Costume (m size)

Accurancy with the character: 5/5

 Size: 4,5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 4,5/5

Confort: 5/5

Prize: 5/5

Costume is really confortable (which is not confortable is the armor). It fits me generally nice, but I had to fix a bit the jumpsuit. Jacket is really beautiful, I really love it. I’m so happy to being able to cosplay Tracer again.

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