Hi everyone, I bring a new review for you: I have just received Asuka white jumpsuit from the upcoming movie Evangelion 3.0+1.0. I’m really hyped with this collaboration because I really love Evangelion.

Costume and wig has been sent by Rolecosplay. Remember that you can use 15% discount code «shiroychigo» in the store in order to save money. Here you have the links:

Cosplay Link

Store Link

Shipping time: 3 weeks

Price: 87,59 $ (costume) 23$ (wig)


Costume and wig arrived, as always, perfectly packaged in two different plastic bags.

Costume is a L size. I had to choose this size because of my height, so I had to adjuste a bit the costume (it has been really easy).

Costume is mostly made out of elastic vinyl. I really love it because it adapts to the body easily. As you can see, it has bra cups.

Costume is really detailed and it is really well-sewn.

Backside is really detailed also. It also has a invisible zipper there. It also has velcro to add the back armor.

Here you can see the costume inside.

This costume has the shoes included. This is really nice, because those kind of costumes most of times has some elastic bands and not shoes, and it looks worse.

Gloves are made out of neoprene and vinyl. The neoprene makes the gloves more confortable.

Bracelets have elastic bands to a better adjustement.

The back armor is made with a kind of rigid fabric, maybe it is a kind of foamy with vinyl. I really like it.

It has a velcro to add it to the jumpsuit.

Finally, it includes the patch and the hair’s accessories.

Here you can see the costume. As you can see, I adjusted it. It is really easy to adjust, and I love how it looks now.

Wig is really beautiful. It has a lot of hair and it is about 80 cm long. I had to style it. Note that the light change a bit the color.

Wig cap is elastic and adjustable.


As always, I’ve taken some photoshoots. This time I decided to take the photos indoor, and I really love the result.



Accurancy with the character: 4/5

Size: 3/5

Finished: 4/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Prize: 5/5

About the costume, I really love it, the quality is really good, and the fabrics are amazing. I had to chose a L size because of my height, so I knew that I would have to adjust it. It was really easy.


 Cap: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Hair quality: 5/5

Amount of hair: 5/5

Wig isn’t styled, but color is really good and it has a lot of hair. I love it.

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