Hi everyone, I have a new review for you sponsored by Cosplayclans: I have just received Evelynn KDA MORE costume and wig. I hope you like this.

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PRICE: 84,99$ (costume) + 34,99$ (wig)



Costume has arrived perfectly packaged in a plastic bag.

Wig was in a cardboard box and costume in a plastic bag.

Here you can see the full set: coat, top, skirt, earrings, bracelets, leggings, stockings and the wig.

Costume is a L size. Check the size chart with care because of the bra. This costume is easy to fix if it is big but not if it is small.

Jacket is made out of leatherette. It looks so good.

It is really detailed and accurate.

The scales’ fabric is iridiscient.

Jacket is lined.

The bra is made out of leatherette. It is a bit big for me in the backside but it is really easy to fix.

You don’t need to wear a bra with it.

Skirt includes all Evelynn’s details. It is a bit elastic.

The earrings are fake earrings, so don’t worry if you are not pierced (I had to used another ones because that kind of earrings damage my ears).

The bracelets are made out of vinyl.

Here you can see the garters. They are elastic and can be attached to the skirt.

Here you can see the stockings.

Wig looks really good. I think that the color is really accurate. I’m in love with it.

The buns are prestyled, so you can put it where you want.

Wig cap is elastic.

Here you can see the costume. I had to adapt the skirt and the bra, and also the garters. It is normal because my mesaurements are a bit particular.

I have taken some photos indoor.




Accurancy with the character: 5/5

Size: 4/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 4/5

Prize: 5/5


 Cap: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Hair quality: 5/5

Amount of hair: 5/5

I really like the costume and the wig. The only problems I’ve found is that I have to adjust some parts (but this is a problem with a lot of costumes because every person has different mesaurements). Costume is a bit unconfortable, but this is due to Evelynn’s design.

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