Fashion Wig FL05 wig Review from L-email

Fashion Wig FL05 wig Review from L-email

22/09/2018 0 Por Shiro Ychigo

Hi, today I have for you the review of a fashion wig, “FL05” model from L-email wigs.

It’s aviable in all of this colours.


L-email Wigs – Wig Supplier

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Shipping Time 

2 weeks


Wig came perfectly packaged in two bags. Also has a wig cap as a gift


Wig length is 60 cm aprox and it’s wavy. It looks so natural and like natural hair.

Wig hasn’t got bright and the color is so beautiful. It has different tones of purple in order to look natural.

Hair net it’s well sewn and it has been adjusted.

Wig also has clips in order to be well hold at the hair.

Overall Rating 

 Cap Size5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

Calidad del pelo: 5/5

Cantidad de pelo: 5/5

Hair Brightness: NO



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🍓Shiro Ychigo🍓