Geo Olive Turquoise from Geo Coloured Lenses

Geo Olive Turquoise from Geo Coloured Lenses

17/04/2019 0 Por Shiro Ychigo

Hi guys, today I have a new review for you sponsored by Geo Coloured Lenses: Geo Olive Turquoise. I will use it for some cosplays and I have already used it for my Pirate’s Sora.


Prize: 21,02€

Shipping: about 3 weeks

LENSES description

Base Curve8.6
Water Content40±2%
Life Span1 year


Lenses has arrived perfectly packaged in paper bag. Into it, they are in a personalized case. They have sent me a lenses case as a gift.

And that’s how lenses look like. I love it. Blue color looks nicely at my eyes, that are dark brown. And my eyes also looks bigger.

Overall Rating

Colour / Effect: 4/5

Vision: 5/5

Enlargement: 5/5

Design: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

I really love the color and the effect. I will use it for a lot of cosplay, such as Sora. And this lenses are really confortable.