Hi, today I’m going to review Kara’s costume from Detroit Become Human, that was sent to me by L-email.

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I received the cosplay a month after.


The cosplay was perfect packaged in a bag.


Cosplay has three pieces: a dress a bracelet and a pants.

It’s made of elastic fabrics: neoprene and vinyl.

Vestido /Dress

The dress is short-sleeved. The front part is made of neoprene white and black. It has Kara’s model detail printed at the chest. The apron is made of plastic, and you can put in and put out with velcro in order to be able to wash it.

The back part is also made of neoprene and the top part is made of vinyl. It has also printed the letters.

It also has a zipper at the side in order to be easily to wear, but you can wear it without use it.

Blue details are made of blue metallic vinyl.

The other cosplay details are made of thin leatherette.

The dress is perfect finished.

Pantalones /Pants

They are made of neoprene.

They have a button and a zipper, and also belt loops.

At the down side they had a zipper.

As the same as the dress, they are overlocked.


It is elastic and it has a velcro in order to put it and put it out. It’s made of blue metallic vinyl(the same as the dress) and it has a black bias as finished.


Overall Rating

Accurancy with the character:5/5





The cosplay is perfect. It’s really accurate in details that Kara’s dress has and the choose a perfect fabrics. Also is really confortable because is elastic, is like wearing normal clothes. I’m really surprised with the nice quality of this costume.

And now I’m waiting to receive her long hair wig.



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Shiro Ychigo

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