Hi, today I have for you a review of IJN Kirishima costume from Rolecosplay. I really love Azur Lane and my hype is real. I fell in love with Kirishima. Her design is really beautiful and it’s Kongou class.

Azur lane is a game with female characters. Each girl represents a Second War Ship. It’s really crazy, but the designs are really beautiful.


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Shipping time

Cosplay arrived 3 weeks later after the shipping, really really fast.




Cosplay arrived perfectly packaged in a bag. The accesories came in two different small bags(cosplay has a lot of accesories).

Cosplay parts


The jacket is made of polyester. It is really detailed and well sewn.I ordered the cosplay «M» size and it fits me perfectly.

Jacket also has a grey cover also made of polyester.

The sleeves are really long. I love it.

The symbols are printed in the sleeves and the quality it’s really good.

As you can see the jacket is well finished.


Dress is really short(like Kirishima’s ones) and fits my body perfectly. It’s also mostly made of polyester.

The collar can be tie with a velcro.

Cosplay has no zippers. You have to fasten it with buttons. I prefer it better than zippers, it’s more accurate.

Buttons are made of metal. They are golden and brilliant.

All the costume is overlocked.


They are saved in two different bags.


That pieces are made of polyester and they imitate the Kirishima’s boots.

Kirishima’s bracelets are made of leatherette and also can be fixed with velcro.

The mouth wash is made of lycra and it’s really confortable.

Kirishima’s trousers are elastic and really transparent(remind to use black panties ^^). They are really confortable.

Tights are elastic and opaque in order to imitate Kirishima’s boots.

That are the Kirishima’s head ties. They’re made of polyester.

They can be fixed with pins.

That pins are a ornament of the jacket.

The belt is made of leatherette and can be fixed with a velcro.

Finally, this is another ornament of the jacket.

Cosplay side by Side

Overall rating

Accurancy with the character: 5/5

Size: 5/5

Finished: 5/5

Material: 5/5

Confort: 5/5

I’m a big fan of Azur Lane, so I’m really demanding, but this cosplay is perfect. It has all the Kirishima’s details, the fabrics chosen are perfect, and it is really well-sewn. It is really confortable, and I really like the way it fixes me body. I think is a really good cosplay. I highly recommend to you buy this costume if you want to cosplay her.



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