Unboxing: Prizes from Juku Store’s Giveaway

Unboxing: Prizes from Juku Store’s Giveaway

17/06/2019 0 Por Shiro Ychigo

Hi everyone, today I wanna show you the prizes of Juku Store’s Giveaway: I choose two t-shirt, a cap and also Zero’s Two Bodysuit.


You can use code “shiroychigo” to have a discount ^^.

They were arrived in four different packages. I really love that the store send to you mails of the status of the order.

Here you have the video unboxing.

Genki T-shirt

You can find the t-shirt here.

Without doubt my fav item, it fits me really good and it is really confortable.

“I don’t care” T-shirt

You can find it here.

I love it. Maybe it is a bit big, but I still love it. It is really confortable.


You can find it here.

The cap fits my head perfectly and can be adjusted. It is nice, because by head is very big.

Zero Two Bodysuit

You can find it here.

I have to say that I’m not very happy with it. It is a bit small for me and the fabric isn’t opaque enough, so you can see my underwear(I have to edit the photos).

And that’s all guys. Hope to like my reviews