I have a new Make-up tutorial and a review: Nezuko Kamado from Kimetsu no Yaiba. You can find the costume and the wig at Rolecosplay and L-email. You can use code «shiroychigo» to have a 12% of discount. And you can use the following links in your shops in order to help me ^^.




I can’t record and unboxing but I took some photos instead of it.

Costume has an amazing quality and includes a Kimono, a Haori, a Obi, the socks and the coverlegs. It also includes the bow of the head.

Wig has two tones: black and orange.

I bought and L/XL size and fits me perfectly.

Here you can see the full costume. I love it.

I have also done a make-up tutorial.

And here you have some photos of the make-up.

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