Shirt is made of cotton, and due to the fact that only the neck is visible in game, It’s inspired in Pirates of the Caribbean clothes.


Trousers are made of Sarga. All the stripes are sewn with twine thread and after that painted.

The Vest

Vest is made out of suede. It’s lined with red satin. All the bias are made out of leatherette. After that, I painted all the vest in order to looks more accurate.

The Coat

Coat is the most difficult part of the costume. It’s made of four different types of leatherette with patckwork(it has more than 50 pieces). Coat is lined with black Sarga. All the buttons are painted to look order.

The Hat

I bought a Pirate hat and then I modified it. After finish it, I realized that It’s a bit bigger, so I modified her form.


Belt is done with leatherette(one of the types that I used in the coat) and with a brown cotton bias. All is painted in order to be more accurate.

The collar

The crown collar is made with a chain and foam covered with worbla.


The scarf is made of a cotton blue fabric.


Due to the fact that I have my knee damaged, I can’t wear platform and most of the types of shoes. So I bought a boots and add all Sora’s boots seams hand-sewn, the same of the original design. Then I add two pieces of leatherette. Boots are painted to looks older. Everything is hand-sewn because I can’t do it with my sewing machine.

The Keyblade

I made it with a pvc pipe estructure and chovafoam. I crafted all and then I covered it with worbla. After prime it with latex, I painted with black, Grey, forged black and silver acrylic.

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